Subtle Makeup for Every Occasion

Adding Light and Dimension to Your Face with Soft Neutral Tones

I wanted to show you a simple routine with a few eye colors. I got a lot of questions about doing a more soft makeup look that doesn’t require much detail or practice, so I though I would to re-share this video. You can wear this super easy eye makeup look day or night!

Using just a few colors, you can easily recreate this subtle makeup look. My palette in this tutorial is stocked with pretty, neutral colors with a few pops of color. I’ll walk you through each of them. Shop this look here!

For most of my tutorials, I like to start with my 2 highlight colors to balance my skin and create an even base. To get the right colors for your foundation, send me a photo here and I’ll get you color matched.

soft subtle makeup for an everyday look

This look is all about adding little touches that go along way when they’re placed in the right way. You can add so much life to your face with just a tiny bit of interest and sparkle. That means you don’t have to skip on contour with a soft and subtle look. I’ll show you a subtle way to contour by adding a bit of dimension where it makes the biggest impact.

soft subtle makeup routine, makeup for every occasion

The Perfect Neutral Colors for a Soft Makeup Look

With the vanilla dust setting powder, you can create a primer for your eyeshadow that helps extend the life and amount of shadow you need. Since the eyeshadows I’m layering in this video are really dimensional, a little goes a long way. One has a subtle shimmer and the other is more of a matte finish.

No matter how subtle you want your makeup, my feeling is that brows are essential. (That’s just my take, but I also believe you should do your makeup the way that makes you feel best.) Your brows really do so much to shape your face, and a little fill will make a big difference.

soft subtle makeup routine

Check out the rest of my video for tips on applying soft eyeliner and ways to make this look even more subtle. I’ll also show you my go-to brushes for adding a warmth and glow. And here’s a link to one of my favorite mascaras by IT cosmetics that I use in this tutorial. At the end, I’ll show you ways to deepen your lip line and tie this look together with a beautiful pink lip + cheek color.

If you need a makeup look on the opposite spectrum: one that’s bold and glamourous for those special occasions, check out this tutorial here.


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