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Hi friends! So happy you stopped by.  I’m Savanah 👋🏼


I am married to my handsome best friend and I have three sweet daughters.  They all bring me so much joy and push me to be better. We live in Idaho and love to take advantage of any chance to see the beauty of the world.

My favorite roles are wife and mother but I have passion for many other things as well.  I love to share things like beauty, style, business, and personal growth. It is one of the biggest highlights of my life to be able to connect with you and share things I learn to hopefully help improve your life.

xo, Savanah

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you color match me?

Yes! I would love to help color match you! If you’ll just upload your photo here, that’ll be perfect!

If you have any trouble uploading your photo through the link just shoot me an email.

My makeup looks cakey or doesn't look right.

It is possible that your highlight colors are too light for your skin tone. If the colors are too light they will often sit on top of your skin versus melting in like the should and they could even look cakey.

It could also be that you are using too much product. Try using thin layers of your highlights (less is more) separated by a thin layer of the setting powder for the best results. Using too much can cause the makeup to appear cakey or even not last through the day as well. Most people, artists included, when first starting use too much product just takes a little practice.

If you’re still having trouble shoot me an email I would be happy to help.

I'm interested in joining your Maskcara team, but have questions or am afraid.

It is so normal and you’re definitely part of the majority to feel nervous, but I promise you we’ll help you through every step of the way. Any background and any personality can have success in this business.

Our team is the most loving and supportive group. We also have continual training happening every week. I would love to help! Please reach out through email, and I would love to chat!

What's the name of the sunless tanner you use?

Recently I’ve been loving the 2hr dark by Loving Tan which you can find here I used to use the Fake Bake Darker though which you’ll see in the tutorial, but the method to apply it is the same.


How did you get your hair so long and healthy?

Honestly growing your hair out just takes a lot of time and patience and dealing with split ends. For me, once it got just past the length I wanted I was able to trim the ends which were damaged. I would recommend using professional grade products, minimizing heat exposure to 2-3 times a week always using heat protectants before, and going at least 2-3 days between washes if you can. This will help keep your hair as healthy as possible while you’re growing it out.

I also use these hair supplements which have helped my hair quite a bit! You can find them here at and use the code BOLD10 for a discount.

For even more information be sure to reference my blog post about hair growth.

My curls aren't holding, what can I do?

If you haven’t tried using hairspray start there. You can also try curling smaller sections, holding the curls in your hand for a second before letting them down or even pinning them for the best results. Also if you are curling your hair when it is freshly washed, that will also often cause curls to fall due to the silkiness of your hair and the lack of grip or texture. If you can curl your hair on day two or three when your hair is a little dirtier, it will usually hold curl better. Avoid any products directly beforehand that have coconut, almond, or oils of any sort as this will create a silkiness that will cause your curls to not hold as well.

You may also want to try a smaller barrel, if possible, too.

What is your current hair formula/color?

I used matrix color sync 3WN and 4BC.

It is equal parts of both with 2:1 ratio with 10 volume developer.

How did you get your eyelashes so long?

I use a lash serum called Runway Eyes. It’s amazing! You can find it here

This is also my go to mascara which is the absolute best

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