Natural Under Eye Love

Let’s chat under eyes.

More specifically, natural under eye love.  This is a hot topic, but usually not for the reason I’m going to encourage today.  The vast majority of people I talk to about their makeup routine want to make sure their under eyes will be covered.  I’m here to help with the goals you have, but I do want to open your minds to new ideas as well.

One of the new ideas I’ve started to embrace this year is the concept of leaving under eyes more natural.  At first it was so weird to see myself like that, and I kept feeling like something was off.  Then I realized my perception of my beauty was the thing that was off!  Why is it that we default to covering our face as a way to make it more beautiful?

We are all beautiful for many reasons and the parts that are uniquely you are the most beautiful.

I never noticed how many freckles I have directly under my eyes before this year.  Wait, what?! I went 33 years without knowing my own face? That’s just crazy.  When we spend our time covering things up we never learn to love them.  I want to challenge you to try your makeup routine allowing your under eyes to be slightly more natural.  You can ease your way in! If you want some inspiration here is a tutorial for you.  As always, I’m here to help you get the perfect match for your gorgeous face.

Just upload your makeup free (natural light) photo here for a free color match!

Colors I used here:

CONTOUR: Astoria
EYE SHADOWS: Valencia, As You Wish, Starlet Illuminator
BROWS: Brow Flick
BLUSH: Tropicana
LIPS: Indigo Contour and Tropicana 
MASCARA: Superhero
BRUSHES: Best Blend Forever, Detail HAC, Perfecter sponge, Blend and Tap, I Shadow Everything


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