What is the Maskcara Beauty Artist Program?

What is the Maskcara Beauty artist program?

Think world’s best job meets world’s best girl friends while wearing world’s best makeup!  Basically, it’s the best.  When I first joined as an artist I had no idea the life changing magic that would come from it.  I’ll run you through the basics, what being a part of the Bold Beautiful Leader team means, and some FAQs.  If you ever have more questions for me just use the contact form to get in touch!

Q-What does it mean to be an artist?

     As an Independent Maskcara Beauty artist you are the direct connection for anyone wanting to order Maskcara Beauty products.  You can choose to share the products in person, online, and as often as you would like.  You help women to enhance their natural features and guide them on what colors will work best for them.  You have the option to enroll other artists under you and build a team.  The leadership aspect of this business is incredible and seeing the growth that happens is something I have personally loved witnessing.

Q- Why should I join with you?

     The team you choose to enroll with is very important.  You want to make sure you will have guidance, support, and training when you need it.  We provide all of that on our Bold Beautiful Leaders team and the love is felt right away.  Whether you are wanting to generate a full time income or just have a fun hobby, you are in the right place.  We focus on personal growth, client service, and leadership development!

Q-What are the costs to enroll and what comes in my kit? Can I select my colors? 

     There are two enrollment kit options in the US. The basic kit is $199 or the pro kit is $399. In Canada there is a basic kit for C$279. This is what they include:


Each kit provides you with a variety of colors to help you get started applying makeup on potential customers with different skin tones.  You don’t select the colors, they just come with a variety of the most popular ones.

There is an $11.95 back office and website fee.  As long as this is paid you remain an artist.

Q-Are there sales minimums? What is the commission payout on product sales?

     You don’t have any sales minimums to maintain being an artist.   If you choose to build a team you have a minimum sales threshold to be “active” and earn bonuses from your team’s sales.  Don’t let this scare you! We have lots of ideas of ways you can work your business and hit any goal you have set for yourself!

You earn 20-40% commission on all the product you sell.  You start at 20% and as your sales volume increases, so does your commission percentage.

Q-Is there training and support available?

     Yes! We have amazing resources from Maskcara, as well as from our team.  Some of which include weekly training calls, a team app, support chats, facebook groups, events, and more! There are resources you can start with right away.  Our team is an amazing group of kind and supportive women!

Q-Do I need to be a makeup artist or cosmetologist? Do I need special training?

     No! We have training for you to go through after you enroll. All you need is a desire to share something amazing with others! Whether your goal is to have something fun to do on the side, to bring in a little extra money, or to completely change your life and the life of others, you can do it! It’s all in your hands.  If you are a professional makeup artist you will be so happy to be able to downsize your kit to just one palette that is able to do every face.  The makeup also photographs beautifully so your clients will be thrilled!

Q-When can I start building a team? Do I have to build a team?

     You don’t have to build a team. If you do choose to build one, you can start today if you want! I love when artists enroll others early on and then they can learn and build together. It’s nice to be on the journey at the same time! You can also wait and build a team later if you choose!


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