Cut Crease with False Lash Application Tips

A Go-Bold Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial

Do you ever feel stuck in one beauty routine? I definitely feel like I’ve been in the same phase for a while so I wanted to try something more bold and dramatic. With that in mind, I prepped this amazing palette for cut crease eyeshadow to shake things up. If you’re looking for drama, you’ll love these colors and these lashes. Before you try this eyeshadow, I can help you get a Color Match to set you up with the best foundation for your skin. Check out my tips for WINK lashes below.

cut crease eyeshadow tutorial

Why I Love Bold Looks with Maskcara Products 

This is why I love doing makeup because It’s not always about keeping things practical and subtle, and Maskcara products allow you to create so many different looks. Sometimes you just wanna go bold and glam, live big and create a little drama. Makeup is an art to me and I love to play around with palettes, and you can easily switch up your look by adding a few new colors to your palette.

It’s easy to overdue a layered look like this in the first steps, but the Multitasker Brush gives you a guideline for winged shadow and your natural eye crease. With the right brushes and application, trying a new look is so much easier. 

cut crease eyeshadow tutorial

False Lash Application Tips 

The lash extension line is called WINK and these are amazing! To start, make a thin line of glue and let it sit. You actually want the glue to get a little tacky first before applying. I’d give it at least a minute but there’s a fine line between waiting too long and then they don’t stick. Let the glue turn almost a grayish color and you should be good to go.

For the next steps, tweezers help with the application, especially if you’re just starting. Start from the outer edge and begin to lay the lashes down. Focus on each little part and let it settle. Then open your eye and push it down and use the tweezers to push any other sections in place. Use the tweezers to fan out your natural lashes so they aren’t pulling anywhere.

With the Multitasker Brush, you’ll dab a little Black Friday along the upper lash line anywhere that needs a smoother transition. I’m using  Pixi mascara that has a thin wand and allows you to coat just your natural lashes.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow and False Lashes Tutorial

Black Friday
Pixi mascara
Multitasker Brush
I Shadow Everything Brush


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