Highlight and Contour with Seint Beauty

Easy Highlight and Contour with Two Brushes

This tutorial is all about highlight and contour. I already had my eyes done, so I wanted to do a video just focusing on the details of contouring and at the end, I’ll show you some great tips on how to clean your brushes. Once you have your color match, all you need is the Detail Hack brush and the Powder Power Brush for this look. Get your color match here!

The Best Way to Highlight

The concept of this makeup is that it’s three-dimensional. One layer on your face should provide coverage and dimension, so you’re only using brightness where you need brightness and darker colors where you need to smooth out those shadows. Most people only need two highlight colors to do all the work, and the good news is you don’t need a lot of product to make even, beautiful coverage happen.

Anywhere you have redness or darkness, you can buff in your darker highlight color. Then I’ll go in with my lighter highlight to blend it out. It might seem like you would want a lighter color to cover a dark spot, but this isn’t the case with your skin. The best way I’ve found to balance out red and dark spots or freckles or under-eye circles is to make sure you’re using your darkest highlight first. The right highlight for your skin will provide the even blending you want.

To keep the even base that you created with your darker highlight, you really want to just dab on the lighter highlight anywhere you need brightness. I want to highlight the center of my face here and draw attention to my cheekbones. This highlight is also great for covering up any blemishes.

Contouring Made Easy

With that same Detail Hack Brush, you can do your contour. I dip one time into the product then distribute it throughout. For your main contour, it goes right underneath the cheekbones. You’re just creating a shadow right under your cheekbones. The next area for contour is at the top half of your forehead. All you need is one dap and distribute that amount by circling and blending. I like to contour my nose as well by making a slight line with the flat end of the Detail Hack Brush.

At this point, I add a bit of blush and bronzer. The bronzer will go anywhere you want to bring in warmth, anywhere the sun would naturally kiss your skin. It’s sheer so it never looks cakey and it really brings all the color tones together.

Finally, I love this illuminator and I’ll dab it anywhere I want a little shimmer. Just press and blend a little product to give your skin a hydrated and healthy look.

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