How to Get Loose Waves with a Flat Iron

How to Get Waves with a Flat Iron

OK! This video has been a long time coming. Even before I wanted to blog, I thought about making it! I used to spend hours teaching all my clients and friends how to curl with a flat iron. You can get loose waves with a flat iron and it’s by far my favorite way to curl for a number of reasons. First, my curls just last way longer. Ever since I became best friends with dry shampoo, I’m able to wash my hair a couple of times a week (the thought of it used to gross me out, but now I’m proud). Think of all the time and damage I save my poor hair!

Get this, I never redo my curls! With a flat iron, they last me four days easy.  When I curl my hair with a curling iron, I’m lucky to get two days. Disclaimer: I do sleep with my hair above my head, draped over my pillow if that makes sense. So it doesn’t get smashed while I sleep, which probably helps!

Second, I can curl faster! I’m just going to be honest and tell you it will take a LOT of practice and probably be pretty frustrating to learn. It will click one day, though, and all of the sudden you will be a curling machine! I can usually do my whole head in less than ten minutes. That’s a win for me! Takes me 30-45 with a curling iron.

Third, I only have to bring one thing on trips with me! Ha ok, that’s mostly me being lazy. It is nice, though!

Fourth, it is customizable. If you want tighter curls, twist the iron more. If you want them looser, twist less. You can curl toward your face, away from your face, in your face, on top of your face. . . you get the idea. 🙂 I used my iron for clients that just wanted loose waves, as well as my brides that wanted tight curls to last all day!

Fifth, I just like it.

I also really like the two products I use in the video! I honestly don’t think I could live without Smooth and Seal. I’m not even sure how it is so great, but it is! It’s basically a light spray that transforms your hair from dull to shiny, soft, and beautiful. It doesn’t have any hold to it, so it won’t help your curls stay in, but it will help your hair stay frizz-free. It also won’t protect your hair against heat damage (I have some other magical products that will, though, so I’ll get to work on a post about that). It’s awesome, I use it every day no matter what I’m doing! The second product is my favorite hairspray. It’s by Pravana and I love it because it doesn’t build up on my hair, but has great hold!

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