Curls! Add Curls with a Curling Wand for Volume

Tricks for Voluminous Wand Curls

You can get voluminous, long-lasting wand curls with a few simple tricks. This is my favorite way to style my hair, but I don’t always want to put a lot of effort into styling curls when they don’t last. This curling wand method with the 25mm titanium Lustre wand makes it much quicker to get gorgeous, full curls that last for days. The trick to getting wand curls to hold is by adding extra texture.

Curls stay put much better with textured hair, so a little prep work keeps the volume and makes them last longer. In this video, I’m using a heat shield and a Salt + Sea Spray which is so great for creating more grip to hold curls in place. Once you thoroughly brush these products through your hair, you’re not only giving it protection from heat but also making it easier to build volume.

It’s easier for me to curl in sections, so I always pin up the top layers up and out of the way. Here’s the trick once you start curling: I hold the curl on the wand just enough to heat it through then I keep the curl in my hand for a few seconds to let it cool. I’ve found that this really helps to set the curl. For a more textured curl and wave, I like to use a rope curling method. The main difference is that the hair doesn’t sit flat on the barrel. Instead, the hair is twisting as I curl with it (rope curls also add volume).

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wand curls: get voluminous curls

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