Introducing Seint – A New Take on Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty is Getting a Makeover 

Introducing Seint -- A New Take on Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty has been undergoing some changes in the last year that I think you’ll really love. What was once Maskcara Beauty will now be called Seint. As the company has grown, owner and CEO, Cara Brook recognized that changes needed to be made in order to better reflect the brand’s purpose. Starting this month, all products will feature the new name and logo. 

Over the years, Cara Brook saw that there were issues with the name Maskcara Beauty, a name that suggests that makeup is a mask. (Also, we don’t sell actual mascara products). In an effort to better reflect the ideals the company holds true about beauty, a name change was in order.

Seint, as Cara explains, is the passion for beauty conservation. The desire for the name change comes from the idea that “Churches say they don’t create saints. They just acknowledge them. In that way, we don’t make people beautiful. We just acknowledge the beauty and let it show.” Seint, as a brand, aims to recognize the natural features that already exist in everyone. Our faces tell a story, and we see cultivating, enhancing, and preserving the beautiful story in every face as sacred work. We not only want to help people enhance beauty but also “believe they are beautiful” and recognize beauty in others. 

We hope you see the changes as a part to acknowledge and honor the angels and saints who make this company what it is. Maskcara might be rebranding but the products are still amazing! You can still use the same colors in your color match, and the great service you’ve received with Maskcara will continue just under a new name. Be sure to check out the additions to the Seint collection

I recently reviewed some of these awesome new releases you can watch here. I’m in love with the new brow wax and lip scrub!

Introducing Seint -- A New Take on Maskcara BeautyIntroducing Seint -- A New Take on Maskcara Beauty


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