Warm Ombré Eye

Create your own warm ombré eye look.

For those of you who don’t get a chance to see my Facebook live videos, I wanted to walk you through my warm ombré eye and current foundation routine. Be sure to get your color match, so you can try this look!

This is that classic summer or fall ombré eye with your lightest color on the top then blended down to your darkest on the bottom. And it’s really simple to transition this from a day to night look by deepening the lash line.

I love these browns in particular because they are so dang pretty! They really bring out the unique tones in any eye color. You can also easily switch up the colors if you want to try this technique in a whole different tone.

For me, this is more full-coverage than just a “hang around the house with friends” look. But you do you and have fun with it. I would wear this for work events, to dinner, or to lunch with friends. Anytime you wanna feel more dressed up, try an ombré eye. 

Using the 3 warm, browns (you can do this with any 3 colors) Valencia, Zion, and Coco and one illuminator based on your color match, you can recreate this look with a few tools.

Start by priming the eyes with a light layer of your highlight color using the Best Blend Forever Brush. Here, I’m using Amber. You’ll want to set your highlighter with powder using the Perfector Sponge.

To apply your shadow, I love the thicker Blend and Tap Brush. Take your lightest color, mine in this case is Valencia, and apply all over the eyelid and crease, creating your base. Using the same brush, I’m applying Zion to my eyelid and lower crease. To blend the outer edge, I’m adding more Valencia. Smudge Coco, my darkest color, on the upper and lower lashline and eyelid. Here’s where you’ll start to see that ombré effect developing, as your darkest color fades out into the lightest warm color.

From there, apply your mascara and fill in your brows to complete the eyes. For an added touch of shimmer, I’m using my powder illuminator Georgia and applying it right under my brows and the inner corner of my eyes. This creates a lifted brow, more dimension, and it’s just pretty. 

Like I mentioned, you’ll only need one brush for this foundation palette. First, I like to tackle any redness and dark spots with my darkest highlight. You only need a small amount and it doesn’t need to go all over your face. Once I’ve evened out any redness, I like to use a brighter highlight like Linen to add extra dimension and illumination. You only want a small, small amount of your brightening highlight. If you use too much, you’ll see brush strokes through it, and it won’t wear well throughout the day. Colors and application methods are key here. Set your highlight and brightening highlight with powder using the Perfector Sponge

For contour, I’m using Indigo on my forehead, jaw, and sides of my nose. Then add your brightening highlight to the center of your nose. For cheeks, use Sandstone and Bella bronzer above cheekbones, the forehead, and anywhere else you want a summery glow, especially in places like your neck and collarbones. 

I use Indigo to line my lips and fill them in with Sandstone. For a summer glow on your lips, take Perfume No. 3 to the center of your bottom lip, then your cheekbones, and neck because it smells amazing. 


Best Blend Forever 
Blend and Tap
Perfume No. 3


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