My Makeup Routine with Seint Beauty

Need a New Makeup Routine — Try Seint Beauty

I went live on Facebook a while back to share my makeup routine and giveaway some great products! As you may have heard, Maskcara Beauty went through a name change and is now Seint Beauty. You can still find all these great products I mention here along with some really great new products! Get a personalized makeup routine by submitting a color match here.

Makeup doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, it can actually be a fun and relaxing part of your life. Adjusting to a new makeup routine starts with finding the right colors that work best for your face. The beauty of this makeup is that you can totally personalize it to fit your style and unique skin needs, and it’s easy to switch it up without having to swap the whole palette.

Over the years, I used to buy tons of makeup palettes thinking I would use all the colors, but I would end up using a few and would be left with half-empty palettes. With this routine, I can swap out one or two eyeshadows every now and then without buying a new palette.

An awesome makeup palette will set you up for an easy makeup routine and you don’t have to be an expert to apply good makeup. The right foundation is usually the trickiest part of creating a good makeup routine. A quick word of advice: You want to avoid going too light with your foundation. If you have a foundation color that’s too light for your skin, it will cause unevenness and actually accentuate your skin texture. The wrong foundation won’t provide enough coverage, will end up looking streaky, and not sitting well on your skin.

Luckily, it’s a simple fix to get you the right color. Get your color match here! For more tips on balancing redness, correcting dark under eyes, and finding the right makeup, check out this tutorial. If you’re looking for quick hairstyles to add to your beauty routine, check out my hair tutorials here.

makeup routine: Woman is smiling and looking over her shoulder with long curled hair flowing.


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