How to Blow Dry – Get Bigger Hair with These Tips

Want bigger hair? Try these simple blow dry tricks. 

You can blow dry your hair in a way that doesn’t expose it to a lot of heat while still achieving the maximum amount of volume. How to blow dry without damaging your hair is all about focusing on the roots and allowing the ends to dry naturally. Get a discount on any of these great products and tools here

blow dry tips for bigger hair and big curls

1. Start with the right products and tools

To prevent damage, you want to use products that will give your hair additional volume so you don’t have to use as much heat. When applying products, separate it sections so it’s evenly applied throughout. Treating your roots with product is the most important for the overall style especially when air-drying the ends. You can check out all the products I use here below. 

2. Allow your hair to air dry for a few minutes

Allowing your hair to have some time to naturally remove moisture will also lessen the time it needs under heat. This will let the products set better. 

3. How you blow-dry matters

You want to start on the outer edges and blow-dry in the opposite direction of how your hair falls naturally. Be sure to point the blow dryer in the same direction that your hair grows. If you blow-dry up your hair stand instead, you’ll end up opening up the cuticle and causing a lot more damage to your hair. 

Start breaking your hair up in smaller sections and remember to blow dry in the opposite direction to how the hair falls. This is where you get that extra volume without having to backcomb or tease your hair. 

This is the point where you could use a round brush to smooth out your layers. Just be sure to turn down the heat setting on your blow dryer. 

4. Now is the time to brush your hair

After you’ve done your root drying and smoothing is when I would recommend brushing your hair. Your hair is most fragile when it’s wet and it can cause some nasty breakage if you’re too rough on it. Be gentle on your hair, even in this stage. Start at the ends and work your way up. I’ve linked this awesome brush below.  

5. Set ends and style

Depending on your hairstyle ad type, you may want to add some Marula oil to take care of any frizz or excess fluff. As my hair dries, I flip it from side to side occasionally to add to the volume I created. Or I’ll put it in a clip to keep the volume in the top and allow the ends to dry more. The extra volume and texture in my roots make any style I choose to wear, curls or waves, have more support throughout the day. This process gives my hair extra volume and texture to my roots and gives more support to any style I choose to wear, curls, or waves, or a sleek look. 

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blow dry tips for bigger hair and big curls

blow dry tips for bigger hair and big curls

The products I use here: 
25 mm Lustre titanium wand for curls
Siena Paddle Brush for detangling
Réplenish Conditioning Spray throughout hair
Rival Heat Shield throughout hair
Satin Néctar Nourishing Gloss for ends
Grand Début Root Booster 
Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray for roots


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