Holiday Hairstyle – A Loose Romantic Updo

The Perfect Holiday Hairstyle – A Romantic Updo

I’m a big fan of understated, flowy hairstyles that allow for a lot of variation and still look chic. If you’re looking for a great holiday hairstyle for your family party or a romatic date night with your sweetheart, you’ll love this look. For this hairstyle, you’re essentially combining a rope braid, curls, and a bun. For fantastic curls, I recommend any curling wand from L’ange!

This tutorial was from a look I did for Valentine’s Day a while back. I wanted to revisit it because I think it’s perfect for any holiday. Pair it with a loose sweater, leggings, and some cute winter boots for a more casual look. Or you can really dress it up with a lacy dress and colorful tights.

What I love about this hairstyle is that it works for any hair length and it’s loose so there’s no need to make it exact. Someone with shorter hair or layers will love this updo because the curls fall naturally into place as you start to pin the curls. Whatever your hair type is, just play around with it because this is such a fun style for everyone. Since this look is meant to be tousled, you can let down pieces in the front and adjust as needed. For a makeup look to complete this holiday hairstyle, check out my “Natural Pink Eyeshadow” tutorial here.

Romantic, loose updo for date nightRomantic, loose updo for date night



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