Side Braid – 3 Ways to Mix and Match

3 Perfect Ways to Style a Side Braid

This is a video I did a while back that I really love, and I think you will too! (And I was pregnant with my daughter at the time, so it brings back a lot of good memories)!

I want to show you 3 ways to perfect a side braid. Side braids are my go-to especially when I don’t have time to curl everything or when my hair is not super clean. Dirty hair actually gives my braids more texture and makes them easier to loosen without falling apart. Play around with the different textures in your hair!

I love side braids! I like to mix and match them, so that is why I am showing you three different ways to do them. You can wear them as I show in the video, or switch it up by doing half of one, and half of another. Put your own spin on it!

3 ways to style a side braid

Style Option 1

The first side braid I’ll be showing is a pull-through braid. It is great for shorter hair or hair with lots of layers. The hair ties are all along with it, so they help keep stray hairs in place. It is also a perfect style for a workout or active day. I use it on my daughters’ hair and it still looks great at the end of the day!

Style Option 2

The second side braid is a dutch braid. I chose to show the dutch braid because it stands out so much. I love to wear my side braids loose and pull them out to make them bigger and a little messy. With the braid being inside out, this makes the braid more dramatic. This is also the fastest braid for me to do. They all take a little practice though!

Style Option 3

The third braid is my favorite! It is an inside-out fishtail. I love how dimensional it is! Make sure you are fishtailing first then adding in extra hair as you go. It is shown more in the video. This step is different than the other braids. Once you get in a rhythm with any of these styles, they get easier and easier. Practice, practice! 🙂

side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hope you enjoy 3 ways to perfect a side braid and can start putting your own spin on them! Share your recreations with me by tagging @savanahpoulsen on Instagram. For more braided hairstyles, check out these tutorials here!

3 ways to style a side braid


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