Simple Makeup Look and Quick Curls – Get Ready in 20 Minutes

Want to look great in less time? Try this simple, convenient, quick look!

There are plenty of days when I don’t have the time for a full routine. With 3 kids and a full-time business to run, It’s busy around my house. Even though there’s always a lot to do on the day-to-day, I still need time for me to look and feel refreshed. The good news is that I’ve finally found a way to get the curls I love and a simple makeup look in less time. To find the right colors for your face so you can try this routine, get your free color match here! For any of the colors I use in this video, shop them here.

hair and makeup tutorial in 20 min and the best hair tools

Remember, a simple beauty routine doesn’t have to mean boring!

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through a fun and simple makeup look and at the end, I’ll show you how to curl your hair in minutes. I’m telling you, these curls are so easy and a foolproof way to shorten your daily beauty routine. In this video, I use the 32 mm titanium wand. It’s my favorite tool for quick, bouncy curls. With a scrunchie, this wand, and a little hair spray, you can make your hair gorgeous in no time.

hair and makeup tutorial in 20 min and the best hair tools


As for my face, this is a no-nonsense simple makeup look that I can throw on before I’m headed out the door. It’s a full coverage look without the glam. This sped-up tutorial shows you how I create an even foundation and correct any dark circles or redness. I also show you how to create smooth texture, add dimension with contouring, apply neutral shadows that go with anything, and add quick finishing touches to the eyes.

hair and makeup tutorial in 20 min and the best hair tools by lange

I hope if you try this look it gives you more time to tackle all that you need to throughout the day! For more tutorials, check out my videos here.


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