Retro Hairstyle – Throwback Waves Made Modern

How to Create a Beautiful Retro Hairstyle With a Twist

This video itself is a total throwback of mine, and I’m excited to reshare it with you! I love the energy associated with this time of year, as the weather is getting warmer and many of us are settling into the new year. One thing I love is to try new hairstyles, so in this video, I’m showing you how to create a retro hairstyle with waves and a braid! This is such a classy style that is perfect for adding a little bit extra to any look. Maybe you will want to add it to your Date-Night hair repertoire!

retro hairstyle with waves and a braid, classic updo hairstyle

Tools and Tips for This Retro Hairstyle

I used a one-inch curling iron to create my waves. You could also use a wand if you wanted. The video below will take you through step by step. It is important that you pin the curls and let them set before you brush them out to make the waves! Be gentle when brushing them. The curl pattern should naturally start to show up. Using flat clips will also make a big difference in your waves. They will help shape and flatten the curls into the correct form. Lightly hairspray before you remove the clips.

retro hairstyle with waves and a braid, classic updo hairstyle

There’s more than 1 way to wear this look!

Once you have created the waves, you have a lot of options! I show three of my favorites in the video below, but play around and put your own spin on it! I show an option for wearing the rest of your hair down and curled, in a bun, and also in a braid. This retro hairstyle works for any length of hair. If you have short hair, mainly focus on the front wave section, and the rest can be worn down.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with these retro-inspired waves! As always, I’d love to see your styles if you try them. So send us your pics, or tag us so we can see! Adding some new hairstyles to your routine may add some fun to your new year. I wish you all a beautiful month and hope you’re enjoying your year so far! XO.

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