Hairstyles for Kids — Waterfall French Braid Combo

Simplify Your Morning Routine with this Braid Combo

I want to show you a great new style that my girls and I love! This waterfall french braid combo is a perfect hairstyle for kids! Trying new hairstyles on my daughter is something both of us love doing. She is always game for fun new things and I enjoy the time we get to spend together.

This waterfall french braid combo is a twist on a classic style she loves.

hairstyles for kids - french braid
She often requests a braid that wraps around the back of her head, so I thought, “Why not switch things up a bit?” This is what we came up with! Hairstyles for kids don’t have to be complicated and braids are a fun way to add some variety. Check out the steps and tips below.

I began this braid on the top with a waterfall braid.

hairstyles for kids waterfall braid and french braidhairstyles for kids waterfall braid and french braid
As you add in a new strand you drop one of the strands already in your hand. You continue this process all the way along the top half of the hair. When you are done you will have strands coming down from the braid, like a waterfall.

Pin that braid out of the way and then begin a French braid along the bottom half of the head. Add in the strands from the top braid to connect the two together. I love how it makes them flow into each other!

Continue the French braid along the head and then tie the two braids together. We chose to leave it in a ponytail, but it would also look darling in a bun or braided all the way down. Get creative with it! We love to add bows, headbands, or flowers to dress it up a bit too. Also, they help hide any bumps or oopsies that are bound to happen when trying to style hairstyles for kids!

hairstyles for kids waterfall braid and french braid

Hope you enjoy this waterfall french braid combo! It is definitely one of our new favorites. Find more hairstyles for kids on my Facebook or more hair tutorials here. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @SavanahPoulsen if you try this. I’d love to see it!


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