Winged Eyeliner — Simple, Universal Method

My simple, universal method to get perfect winged eyeliner every time!

I get asked about this all the time so I wanted to make a quick video walking you through it! This method works no matter what eye shape you have or experience you have. One thing that does help to nail this technique is to have the right tools! I recommend using an eyeliner with a fine tip. This is one of my favorite products for winged eyeliner!

easy winged eyeliner tutorial

 Tips for pulling your eye liner up and out

I used to do my winged liner by closing one eye at a time, or trying to line just by eyeing it and they were never quite even. This method though is my favorite way to get consistent and beautiful winged eyeliner every time. The trick is to start thin and gradually draw it up and out so it starts to lift from your lash line. This makes it easier to fill in below the line than it is to build a line up.

I’m also a big fan of doing this makeup look for a date night look!

winged eyeliner for date night

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet video to help you master your winged eyeliner. For an easy and fun hairstyle to go with this makeup look, check out my Messy Bun tutorial!


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