Pull Through Braid with a Twist

An Easy Step-by-Step Pull-Through Braid Tutorial

Hi there! I’m back again to share one of my older videos of a hairstyle I still really love. It’s one of my favorite go-to styles: a pull-through braid with a bubble braid twist. You can absolutely do the pull-through braid without the twist, but I like to add it every so often for a little extra texture. If you have shorter hair, this is also fun to do along the back of your head from ear to ear.

pull through braid tutorial bubble braids

I will walk you through exactly how to do this braid! There are many ways to personalize it. Once you have the technique down, you may want to do less pull-through braids or more! You can also keep the twists tight instead of loosening them the way I do in the video. To give it a more messy, lived-in look, you can loosen the braids even more. One of the great parts of this pull-through braid is that even when it’s loosened, it will stay in place because of the hair ties added throughout. So play around with it and find what you like!

pull through braid tutorial bubble braids

I would love to see how you wear this hairstyle! Find me @savanahpoulsen to share your styles with me. For an even easier braid tutorial, check out my French Braids tutorial here! Hope you have an amazing day!

pull through braid tutorial bubble braids

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