Hairstyles for Kids — Braided Buns

Did You or Someone You Love Recently Get Layers?

If you or your little girl have layers, it can be difficult to find a hairstyle to fight fly-aways! But these braided buns that work with layers are perfect to keep everything tight and in place! I love to do this style on my daughter when she is playing outside or swimming because it stays in place so well! Hairstyles for kids don’t have to take a lot of time and they can work with multiple lengths.

hairstyles for kids - braided buns

An Easy Hairstyle for Kids and Toddlers

I have had a lot of requests for hairstyles for kids, especially ones that could be done on shorter hair, or even on toddlers. I think this one would work great. Luckily, their don’t have to stay still for too long with this tutorial. My daughter’s hair is not what I could consider short, but it is shorter than mine and she has layers so I used her to demonstrate.

I will show you how to do this style in the video below. You may need to adapt it to your length and use a few more bobby pins. Overall, it’s a really easy hairstyle to adjust to what works for you.

The elastics along the top and middle really help to keep loose ends and fly-aways under control, especially on a toddler!

hairstyles for kids - braided buns

hairstyles for kids - braided buns

I hope you enjoy, and you can make it work for you! Have a wonderful week!

Braids are such an easy way to keep kids’ hair back and out of the way while still looking awesome! There are lots of ways to play around with these braids, so have fun with them! For more hairstyles for kids, check out my videos here.


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